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NSA says I owe for Florida Sportsman. Haven't received any bill or magazine. Got a card from Florida Sportsman trying to get me to re-up on my subscription with a note that this was my last magazine. I did not reorder, and did not receive anymore magazines. NSA collection letter states after not paying the bills sent by the magazine, they were hired to collect. I do not owe anything, nor did I receive any magazines or any invoice from Florida... Read more

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Never used Fed Ex but here comes a collection bill from North Shore. Looked them up and IT IS A SCAM! There are a lot of internet resources to show that this company is bogus Sent a fake bill for nothing . $485.00 quick search of the Google revealed that I’m not alone. It appears they do perform some legitimate collections services but their sideline appears to be scamming people like me. They have somehow gained access to databases... Read more

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I keep receiving bills for a magazine I never ordered. I tried to call and cancel several times. I even wrote on the bill that I did not order this and to cancel subscription. the bills still came even after calling. I tried o contact north shore at their phone number but you never get anyone the phone number is a scam also. it just says to mail money for the bill to is address it never connects you. I have an email though: ... Read more

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Totally agree; this company can take 120 days to process your payment when the bill states your payment will immediately be processed. I simply was a little late paying for my magazine renewal subscription and then I received a bill from north shore collection agency. I paid the bill immediately the same day I received in the mail but there was only an automated payment phone line, no live representatives to talk to and it took them 120 days... Read more

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They have been sending ever-more-sarcastic & nasty letters claiming I owe "RDA Enthusiast Brands, LLC" (or Taste of Home, depending on the letter) money for a book they claim to have sent. First, if they sent something I didn't order postal regulations say it's mine for free. (And I NEVER agree to automatic billing or ordering.) Second, what book? The postal carriers here have a documented problem, over months, with leaving packages in plain... Read more

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We recently received a bill (incorrect address but postal people found us) for some gun magazines we do not get or have ordered. It says to change our account status from delinquent to "paid in full." Do it! Can something like this ruin credit if it's really nothing we have ordered? I wanted to write a letter to them but there are two different addresses, one on the letter itself and the P.O. number on the return address on the envelope. ... Read more

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Twice I have received collection letters from this company for subscriptions i didn't renew and didnt want, Popular Science and Field and Stream. The letters were very threatening and when I went to their suggested web site to resolve the issue it only offered a form for payment over an unsecure link. I'm convince that this is a scam operation and should be shut down by our government. The letters went directly into my circular file. Read more

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We had a subscription with Popular Science that we did not renew. After that, we started getting threatning letters fron this fraudulent bunch of scammers. We just shred their ***. Will be reporting to the proper state authorities. Add comment

I received a threatening notice from NSA stating that I received magazines from Psychology Today and didn't pay. You cannot reach NSA by the way, it's automated. So I call Psychology Today (of which I once had a one year subscription a year ago) and they tell me that I went onto their website and re-subscribed. So I asked how to do that and went onto their website with them on the phone and saw that you can subscribe without paying and I said... Read more

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Just like the rest of the complaints on this site, I was extorted by North Shore Agency to pay $16.97 for HUNTING. The letter infers that I will be reported to a credit agency if I did not pay the amount due. Furthermore they do not provide a reasonable method to be contacted. I emailed three times with no response. I finally complained to the BBB in which case North Shore Agency promptly replied to my email stating "Our response was sent to... Read more

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